Weighing Your Options: Factors to Consider When Shopping for Weight Dumbbells

Lifting weights seem like a massive jump for newbies on the first steps in their fitness journey, but it’s not an impossible feat to integrate into your daily workout. Starting with the right set of dumbbells should shape your experience moving forward. And when done at regular intervals, with the appropriate weights, lifting dumbbells can be an excellent activity that effectively turns fat to fit muscles. 

Buying your first dumbbells is crucial since it will influence your performance as you train your strength. While there’s no one-size-fits-all to achieve the right gains, there are certain weights you should target to help build your muscles properly. 

Weight Guide for Buying Dumbbells


Men and women have different bodies, so you should adjust your personal record (PR) depending on your gender and current capabilities. For men, buying dumbbells ranging between 2.5-22 kg is a good starting point since this scope can already target a wide range of muscle groups with extra room to scale up your routine. As for women, it’s best to follow weight increments of 2-12 kg, which should deal the same effects as it does with men. 

Intermediate to Advanced 

Once you’re ready to move up your strength training, men can go up to 5-50 kg. Of course, it’s crucial to stick to your personal record and while it’s important to push yourself, only add weights that won’t deal any damage to your muscles to avoid any setbacks. Women can jump ahead and lift dumbbells weighing between 13-18 kg for heavier exercises involving squats and deadlifts. 

What are Other Factors You Should Consider When Buying Dumbbells?

  • Knurled Grips – be sure to pick a pair of dumbbells with knurled grips since lifting weights with sweaty hands can be risky, so always ensure the dumbbells provide a stable grip to avoid injuries.
  • Quick-Lock System – A money-saving hack when buying dumbbells is to opt for a set with a quick-lock system so you can use different weights with only a single pair of dumbbells.

The Bottom Line: Get Into Shape and Build Your Strength With the Right Set of Dumbbells 

Buying your first set of dumbbells takes plenty of careful planning since you wouldn’t want to slow down your roll by shocking yourself with the wrong weights. Strength training takes time, patience, and the right equipment to ensure you can build your muscles safely and surely, one step at a time. 

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