How To Make Exercise Your Daily Habit

You probably know that there are so many reasons you need to do some exercise. Exercise improves your body’s energy, improves sleep and moods, and also reduces anxiety, stress and depression.

I have always had a home gym and I really enjoy working out in the comfort of my own home. It makes it easy for me as I have two young children.

This year I moved to Braintree out in the countryside and I have recently started running. I have always exercised but never been able to run due to having a weak chest. I decided I would take on running and do something I never thought I could do.  I started off gradually and each day I push my self a little more. I feel amazing from it. I plan my running days on the days my husband is off work, that way I know there is no excuse not to go. On the days my husband is at work, I use my home gym while the children are a sleep.

Making exercise your habit is just a click away; remember, you need a smart approach with the right mindset.

 How to make exercise your daily habit:

  • Set a time for the exercise. Whether you will do it in the morning hours, lunchtime or in the evening, stick to the time set.
  • Send a reminder. When you get a reminder don’t delay because you may not feel like doing it later or something else may take priority 
  • If you have children either do your exercise before they get up in the morning or when they go a bed at night. You could even make it a daily routine for you to all do together.
  • Start with small exercises that you find motivating
  • Increase intensity of the exercise progressively.
  • Make the exercise pleasurable. You want to make sure your working hard but also try to enjoy what you are doing
  • Lay out your gear without fear, be ready for obstacles nothing great comes easy
  • Don’t skip a day! Try to do your best not to skip any planned training days.

There is no other magical way to make exercise your habit. The above tips will guide you until you are used to your exercise program.

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