Here’s Why You Should Add a Trap Bar to Your Home Gym Setup

Everyone who has ever performed resistance training and fell in love with weightlifting knows the essence of deadlifting and why it’s one of the most important strength workouts to do. It’s as simple as grabbing your heaviest gym weights, lifting them, bringing them back down, and repeating it a few more times until you complete the set.

It doesn’t matter if you’re focused on cardio-based workouts and wish to add a few weights into your routine or you’re a full-time powerlifter that prefers mostly heavy lifting—anyone can benefit from deadlifts! The single exercise targets your lower back, hamstrings, and glutes, strengthening your whole body as time goes by. 

Unfortunately, barbell and dumbbell deadlifts aren’t always ideal, especially if you have specific concerns with your body. That’s where the need to purchase a trap bar comes in because they just make working out and lifting weights all the more enjoyable and safer.

What Are Trap Bars?

A trap bar, also known as a hex bar, is a barbell that comes in a hexagon shape. What you do is you position yourself in the centre of the hexagon, unlike a traditional barbell where you stand behind it. There are different types of trap bars and they will come with different weight tolerances as well.

Why a Hex Bar Is a Great Addition to Your Home Gym Equipment

They Put Less Stress on Your Lower Back

Despite the many advantages of performing a barbell deadlift regularly as part of your weightlifting routine, it can still place significant pressure on your lumbar spine. When you position the weight you’re carrying in front of your body, you can feel the tension on your back.

While that’s fine for plenty of people, some have difficulty adjusting to the workout due to their back problems, including scoliosis. Since deadlifts are vital for people who love lifting, a trap bar is an excellent alternative because the weight you carry is much closer to the middle of your gravity, decreasing the force on your spine. 

They Are Convenient and Easy to Use

When beginners perform a deadlift, there’s always a huge chance that they won’t get it right the first time because the workout’s form must be correct to ensure you maximise its effects. You can turn towards online videos or hire a coach to keep track of your progress and let you know if you’re doing it right, and you can keep your position correct the entire time you’re lifting.

Having a trap bar to replace a traditional barbell helps you worry less about the technicalities of the movement. That way, you have better chances of positioning your body correctly and initiating a deadlift without problems, allowing you to maintain an upright torso and a flat and neutral back.

They Help You Avoid Extending Too Much

A primary rule when it comes to deadlifting is to avoid over-bending each time and instead, contract your glutes to finish off strong. Unfortunately, some people forget to do that, so they end up exerting too much effort and stretching their spine too much!

When you fail to control the length your spine undergoes, performing a deadlift incorrectly could result in an injury. But when you replace your barbell with a trap bar to complete your weightlifting equipment, since the weights aren’t in front of your hips anymore, you have higher chances of avoiding accidents.


It’s always a great idea to improve your home gym setup, especially if you’re a fan of weightlifting and getting stronger with each workout routine you accomplish. Considering getting a trap bar is a sound investment because it helps reduce the stress on your lower back, offers convenience and ease of use, and keeps you from overextending your spine.

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