Choosing The Right Bumper Plates For Workouts and Training

If you’re starting your own commercial gym facilities or just shopping around for some home workout equipment, you’ll be faced with the decision of what kind of bumper plates to purchase. The best bumper plates combine quality and durability in a value friendly package. To choose the right bumper plates for your home or gym, you have to look at the pros and cons and how they factor into the price.

Bumper Plate Types

Bumper plates are weight plates mostly made of high-density rubber, and they come in a standard diameter across all weights. Because of bumper plates’ rubber construction, they are designed to protect the weights, the barbell, and the floor from being damaged. There are three basic types of bumper plates, each with its own defining characteristics.

Competition Plates

This type of plate is mainly required for competitions, but may not be the best for average lifters. Competition plates are on the expensive side as they are made to be a more accurate weight and have a lower weight tolerance than standard Bumper Plates. They are also made to be more durable than standard Bumper Plates. Most of the time, the price doesn’t justify the astronomical quality. If you’re serious enough to compete and have the budget to buy competition plates, then this is for you.

Training Plates

For people just starting out in lifting weights, training plates are the best ones for you. You’ll find these plates in most commercial gyms, and they are far simpler to use. They’re basic plates that come in all of the standard weights but are made to stringent specifications. If you’re able to find a couple of first-rate plates, they can also be uniform in size and weight that they rival competition plates. Newbies and average lifters will find training plates much more suitable and cheaper than competition plates.

Technique Plates

Lifters looking to perfect their lifting techniques go for technique plates when working out. Technique plates are generally lightweight and very durable and are sometimes used for rehabilitation. If you’re recovering from an injury or muscle strain, an Olympic bar can often be heavy enough for you. If you add a couple of 5-pound tech weights at a time, that’s just right to help you ease back up to the normal weight that you’re used to.

Bumper Plate Advantages

Bumper plates are generally safer to use than traditional iron plates since you can drop them safely on a platform with no risk of damaging the platform, bar, or the plates themselves.

If you’ve tried working out at a commercial gym that uses steel or iron plates, you’ll know how the place sounds like a construction site with all the noise of clashing steel. Bumper plates are a quieter option, allowing you to concentrate better on your workout routine.


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