A Guide to Buying the Right Dumbbell Weights for Your Home Gym

Lately, more fitness enthusiasts are looking to invest in home gym setups to keep them from spending money on hefty gym memberships. With all the equipment you can purchase and install in the comforts of your household, you can attain your fitness goals without having to leave your house anymore!

All you need to do is purchase the right equipment and weights to start building muscle, losing weight, and getting toned. Besides having a reliable barbell and plates, you can also choose to opt for dumbbells for your workouts.

Whether it’s a leg day, upper body, or full-body workout, you can do everything with a set of dumbells. However, the weights you choose to lift must support your goal of becoming stronger. Keep reading below to find out tips on acquiring the proper set of weights to help you gain muscle.

How to Identify Your Strength at the Gym

The first thing you need to do before buying gym weights to use at home is to drop by your usual gym and test out each of the dumbbells on various workouts. If your looking to work your entire body and want to toned up or increase your muscle mass it will help to test different weights while performing 3 sets of 8-15 reps. To ensure you get a full body workout perform these exercises; squats, chest and shoulder presses, deadlifts, bench press, flys, bicep curls, lateral raises, and tricep extensions. There are so many exercises you can do btthis will get you off to a great start.

If your looking to just focus on strength training then try doing the above using 5×5 (5 sets of 5 reps) instead.

Give yourself a 60-90 second resr between sets, to ensure your muscles have had a break before performing the next set. This will help reach their maximum potential. If you complete 15 reps without struggling, the weights you’re incorporating may be too light for you and will require you to add more. This rule is the same for 5×5 training. If your find that you can complete the 5×5 easily then increase your weight.

Determining the Correct Dumbbell Weight for Your Routine

Choosing heavy weights aligned with your level of strength is integral to witnessing the results you desire.

Whether you’re a beginner or long-time fitness buff, you can depend on dumbbells to perform plenty of upper body and lower body workouts. If you plan to become stronger, your focus must rely on executing lower reps with heavier weights as mentioned above.

In addition, strength training involves placing great emphasis on compound lifts, such as dumbbell squats, deadlifts, bench presses, and military presses. To get the most out of your workout routine, having the proper weightlifting equipment to match your strength is vital.

Standard Dumbbell Weight for Men

Bench Press: 10-20 kg

Dumbbell Deadlift: 14-30 kg

Dumbbell Squat: 14-28 kg

Military Press: 7-14 kg

Standard Dumbbell Weight for Women

Bench Press: 4-12 kg

Dumbbell Deadlift: 9-24 kg

Dumbbell Squat: 9-18 kg

Military Press: 4-9 kg

The dumbbell weight for beginners comprises a wide range since people’s strength levels are all different. In fact, newbies in fitness may have some background playing sports and other athletic and physical activities, giving them a good head start as compared to those that don’t.


If you’re planning to complete your garage gym equipment, so you never have to leave your home each time you work out, you must determine the right set of dumbbell weights for you. That way, you make the most out of your investment and know that each rep you perform and set you accomplish brings you one step closer to achieving your fitness dreams.

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